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The company

Created in 2004 in France by Cédric Barbé and Patrice Boulet, today IELLO is a globally recognized board game publisher and distributor.

The business has grown from mail order collectible cards to acting as a wholesaler distributor. In 2008, it diversified again by beginning to co-publish, a work that includes translating and adapting games to the French culture.

This new activity naturally evolved in 2009 into its current state: publishing their own games. In 2011, King of Tokyo™ became the first game developed and distributed by IELLO. The success of this activity became so large that, in 2018, the amount of publishing was 90% internal creations and 10% co-publishing. This growth allowed IELLO to create new best-sellers, such as Kanagawa™, The Big Book of Madness™, Bunny Kingdom™, Welcome to the Dungeon™, and more!

The IELLO universe

We collaborate with the most talented visual artists to make the games come alive and provide players with an experience that entertains both their minds and their eyes. We want people to bond with their friends, discover new styles, sail to new worlds, go through the looking-glass, and create unforgettable moments together. But for us, a game is also a work of art: from the small details in quirky illustrations to turning a tale into tokens and cards, it’s always about unlocking the power of imagination.

Now distributed worldwide, IELLO games are recognized all around the world for their creativity, their smart gameplay, and their outstanding esthetics.

IELLO in your language

IELLO is represented in the UK by CoiledSpring Games. Please check their website to learn more about the availability of IELLO games in your language: www.coiledspring.co.uk

Customer service requests should be addressed directly to CoiledSpring: contact

Customer service requests in the United States should be addressed to IELLO Games: contact

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